The Naruerinaki people (from rina - to speak) live on several island chains east of namjog


The Naruerinaki are a neolithic people living on island chains in the Great Ocean. Their technology is primative using stone tools made form flint, obsidian and bone. If metals are available they have yet to discover any past gold found in rivers and do not show any interest in adapting their tools as of yet.

They Live in small villages in up to 50-100 people with everyone taking an active part in leading and providing food for the tribe. The best hunters and fishers take primary roles in expeditions should a leader be need. The most prominate role is that of Nayuneyänaki or shaman. He leads the tribe in all spiritual matters and healing.


The Islands built upon volcanic activity extends from the south and bends north then west into the deep ocean. Being near to the equator the climate ranges from Mediterranean to subtropical. Many Island have volcanos and covered in lush forests with thousands of species of birds.

Their culture is centred on two island chains for the meantime. One called Naweayisongi or the Gifted Daughters named after the belief that the islands are the daughters of Songinahrongitsi given to the tribes living there and the Natetenchu the Stone fish, after the legend that the god Kuoyenrìmata fished the islands from the sea, giving the islands the nickname of Nanchu Kuoyenrìmatapom (kuoyenrìmata's fish)


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