The Ukszavuz Ukszikir (Or Ukzavuz Ukzikir in singular) are as their name states, the High Warriors of the Eastern Sbakaz Kingdom . They are a caste developed from the hunter class in response to a need for full-time soldiers. Along with being given charge of defense, they are given a small estate outside the wall where they can grow crops for themselves. Usually, it is sizable, and has room for a house, and smaller houses for the people who run the farm when the Ukzavuz Ukzikir is not around.

Training and TrialEdit

At the age of 13, anyone from the Hunter or Ukszavuz Ukszikir Caste may be chosen by someone who is already an experienced Caste-Member. They help on the Estate and tend to the Ukzavuz Ukzikir while they are taught the ways of being a warrior. They live on the estate and learn Ṫav Zavunche , an unarmed form of combat known only to those in the caste. When the trainees are around 15 or 16, they are sent to hunt down and kill a Zavum. Once that trial has been completed, they move on to become the Ukzavuz Ukzikir's soldier. They are kept on his or her estate to continue helping on the farm in peace, but fight under their master in battle. When they have proved their prowess, the Iwaz may grant them their own estate.

Dress and WeaponsEdit


Weapons of an Ukzavuz Ukzikir

Typically, a Ukzavuz Ukzikir will wear the normal shorts of the Sbakaz, but will also wear a thick leather shirt without sleeves, that is tied up in the back. The final piece that every Ukzavuz Ukzikir wears, is the helmet, which consists of either a simple iron mask with eye holes or a half mask that covers the bottom of the face and the Zavum skull on top. For weaponry, they always Carry their sword and Longshot into battle, but many also bring the throwing knives, and a few bring spears.

Male DominationEdit

This Caste is a typically male-dominated, so they tend to marry female hunters that are good in combat. The reason why females are less likely to join, is a number of rapes that occur while in training. Though it is less than a quarter of Ukzavuz Ukzikir who do this, the tales of masters forcing their female trainees into sex have caused them to consider being hunters instead of Ukzavuz Ukzikir, though that doesn't stop all of them. There have even been some who have been abused, and then proceed to challenge and kill their former master.