Qaŋshiqh [qaŋʃiqʰ]




95% Qhalqon, 2% Slavasco, 1% Other






aprx. 9000

Qaŋshiqh is a Qhalqon city-state located on the northern side of the mouth of Wakrefwim. It is a relatively new development, having only been created as a true city-state around 75 years ago, though the city itself has existed for around 150 years. The city itself has a population of around 8000 people.

Structures and LayoutEdit

Much of the buildings are similar in design to traditional Qhalqon/Caron construction, with qhalmauchef (longhouses) making up the majority of the buildings in the city. Each mauchef has several families living in it, with several smaller connected buildings normally being used for storage of supplies or other purposes. Each mauchef is separate from the others in the city, with paths between the individual buildings somewhat overgrown with small plant life, though the center of the paths is mostly open for the riding of gutar. The thungqon's (king's) residence is similar in design to the a normal mauchef, though mainly constructed out of stone. It is located in the center of the city, with the other buildings surrounding it for protection. Around the city itself is a wall, which consists of stone on the outer side, and wood on the inner side, with 4 gates giving access to the city itself. Around the city walls are most of the farms, though some farms are located on the inside of the city walls, mainly on the northern side of the city. Just to the south of the city is smaller walled area that is the location of the port, the walls surrounding the port are attached to the walls that surround the city.



Daily LifeEdit