Proto-Chalmean is the name that will be given to the native inhabitants of the Chalmean landmass before the invasions from the north. While it's uncertain if any continue to exist, a few things about them are known. Chalmean legends tell of short and stocky black men with incredible strenght that fought heroically the Chalmean invasion with spears and wooden clubs in a century-spanning war for dominance of the landmass. In reality, archeological remains of battles are very few and far between, and the proto-chalmean peoples most likely went into the jungle. This theory is further supported by folk legends of demons living in the deepest parts of the jungle and about people misteriously dissappearing into certain parts of the jungle that are best left alone.

If they still exist, they are probably hunter-gatherers with a culture, economy and way of life deeply engrained in the jungle. They might be black and short, and are unlikely to use stone tools to any great degree, since no lithic remains of them have been found beyond a few round stones of unknown purpose. Next to nothing is known about their mores, other than they don't trade, interact or otherwise contact the agriculturalist invaders. All in all, they are a mistery.